Evening in Mexico

Moar Mexico

Relaxing in Mexico

It’s about 2 months now since the epic Teri & Nathan wedding 😀

Epic Wedding!

My tan has long faded, but the pics and the memories remain, so I thought I’d share some more beautiful Mexico photos.


After the wedding, which was super well done at the resort there were some nice days to relax, explore nature and not worry about sunburns or tan lines spoiling the wedding photos 🙂

Coffee In Mexico

I also had a chance to see some of the wildlife, in and outside of my room 😉

Iguanas in Mexico

iguanas outside my door

Long Legged Birds

a long legged bird on the shore


Mexico Towel Animal 1

Mexico Towel Animal 2


Also, the resort has a turtle habitat, where you can swim out and maybe see some sea turtles if you’re lucky, so the turtle theme is seen throughout the décor.



A few days into the trip I started taking advantage of the poolside sushi bar, maybe one of the best features of the resort!

Vegan Sushi in Mexico

It was such a good time and I miss it!  Here’s to Mexico Dreaming, at the Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort

Me in Mexico


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