Paris in the Spring

I went to Paris for the first time in the Spring.  It was a trip I took with my Bestie back in 2010? 2011?  I don’t remember now.  And this is exactly why I started my travel diary, because I have a terrible habit of not taking pictures, losing pictures and not remembering when I did things.  Lucky for me the memories of the smells and the sights and the sounds, the tastes and the atmosphere will stay with me forever.  And the good times with good friends who do take good pictures!

What I do remember is that it was an awesome trip, we saw and did so much.  The kind of trip that takes one or two weeks to rest up from once you get back home.  To travel like this you need to have a plan and be intrepid!  Conveniently me and my Bestie are both excellent planners and travellers 🙂

So here were some of the highlights of our week long April Paris trip:

We went to Giverny and saw the beautiful gardens of Glaude Monet.



We toured around the city and saw Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe and Tour Eiffel.


We spent the day at Versailles, which was magical and beautiful; exploring the palace, grounds, gardens and Petit Trianon.



And we had an even more magical day at Disney!!!  So quick and easy to get to.  I must admit I was reluctant at first, but so happy we went.


Note: Paris was colder than I thought it would be in April, but maybe I was just being overly optimistic since I was travelling from Edmonton and hoping to escape Winter?


We went to the Louvre and of course saw the Mona Lisa.



We went on a night cruise, saw a cabaret show, ate amazing food, walked along the Seine, shopped and had the best whirlwind trip to Paris.  Do recommend.


PS – I’m quite impressed with my French spelling ability, as minimal as it is in this post.  Even more impressed that after years of struggling I’ve finally figured out how to change and change back my French/English keyboard to make the é.  I feel Pro-Star right now.

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