The Royal Mile – Edinburgh

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The busiest and most popular tourist attraction in Edinburgh.



The Royal Mile is the series of streets running approximately a Scots mile (1.81 km).

Walking the Royal Mile.JPG


It runs from West to East.



Located in the Old Town, the oldest part of the City of Edinburgh, but with great views of the New Town.

New Town.JPG


Running in the West from Edinburgh Castle along a downward slope to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.



The streets which make up the Royal Mile include (from West to East) Castlehill, Lawnmarket, High Street, Canongate, and Abbey Strand.

Edinburgh Royal Mile.JPG


The Royal Mile starts with Edinburgh Castle and the Castle Esplanade or parade ground.  It offers amazing views of the surrounding town.



As you progress down Castlehill you’ll see the beautiful St Columba’s Free Church of Scotland and then further along again, St Giles.



St GIles.JPG


You’ll also notice small offshoots or closes and wynds as you make your way along the Mile.  The Old Town is built on volcanic and glacial remains which made the crag or high point the Castle is built on and the tail, which is the downward slope toward Holyroodhouse.  The lay of the land also provides the geography for the small, steep side streets and tunnels connecting to the Royal Mile and moving North-South.

Castle Wynd.jpg






The High Street, like any other, offers a variety of shops catering to tourists with lots of souvenirs and Scottish memorabilia and pubs, eateries and cafés.  You can also get a variety of walking tours and sightseeing tours, as well as hop-on-hop-off buses.

The Royal McGregor.JPG


Deacon House.jpg


Whatever you do, don’t stop when you get past the North Bridge, keep walking down the Royal Mile, there’s so much more to see 🙂








A trip to Edinburgh cannot be done without spending at least a day walking up and down the Mile (wear sneakers, it’s a lot of walking, up hill!).  But it’s the best, just watch out for the cobblestone.

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