Leaving home, coming to the UK and the first week in London

Dear Diary,

This is the story of me leaving home, coming to the UK and how I spent my first week in London before getting an interview in Edinburgh and deciding to make it my new home.

It started like this:


Hahahaha, as if I won’t pre-game moving to the UK with some English cider?!?

I found a super cheap flight from Calgary to London, so that’s what I took.  I wasn’t sure where I would find a job, and I needed to pick up my Biometric Residence Permit/Card the first week I was in the UK, so I planned to fly into London and stay there low-key while applying for jobs both there and in Edinburgh.

And then was like this:


Yup, official in London.  We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!

I toured around the city, relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere, picked up my BRP then hopped on a bus to Edinburgh….argh, so long.

I spent a week all like this:

Big Ben.jpg

Yo London, Wasssaaaaaapppp!


Majesty and Beauty

The Thames.jpg

Didn’t even photoshop the sky in this photo, and everyone knows I can’t take pictures


Doctor Who?



Seriously, I took this picture myself, I have no idea how it turned out so well and I couldn’t replicate it if I tried.


And can I just say: trains and the underground are the bees knees 🙂

I spent my time in London, which was just over a week, walking around one of the most amazing cities in the world.  Wondering how anyone could ever be bored in a place with so much history and activity, even if you’re not a city person.  I went to markets, did a bus tour and soaked up the hustle and bustle before moving on to the quieter pace up north.

And then it was off to Edinburgh, in my opinion one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and my favourite.  I had my interview, got the job and moved into my new flat 🙂

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